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From Broke to Paid in 10 Steps 

June 04, 2023 by J.P.

Earn Extra Money_Work from anywhere
10 steps to earning extra income working remotely, or from anywhere you are.

Step One: Set aside some time in your week to focus on setting up your home-based work. A few hours would be best, but at a minimum, set aside two hours weekly of dedicated time.

Step Two: List your experiences, skills, and capabilities. As many as you can think of and especially those in alignment with consulting or being a freelancer. Include skills that may not be apparent based on your regular job. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile with those skills. Apply to as many part-time remote jobs matching your experience and interest. 

Step Three: Make extra money in your spare time while waiting in line or watching TV. Sign up to complete online surveys or become a secret shopper with one of the secret shopper sites like iSecretShop, and Amazon Shopper Panel.

Step FourCheck out one of the many websites specializing in online jobs, like Zirtual, Belay, Upwork, and Freelancer, for available virtual assistant (VA) jobs. Pick one, or a few to find jobs that work for your needs. Apply!

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Step FiveCreate a list of your hobbies or things you wish you had more time to work on. Focus in on areas you enjoy discussing in detail and make a selection from your top three. Start a podcast, blog, or vlog dedicated to your topic. Post regularly and with consistency. Monetize.

Step Six: Similar to the previous step, create social media accounts focusing on your passion or interest. Work up a content strategy dedicated to your chosen topic. If you've started a podcast, blog, or vlog, reference your content from that medium, often from your social media accounts. Use affiliate marketing to generate income. 

Step SevenUse local association events, targeted Facebook groups, and the Chamber of Commerce to network and collaborate with others looking to partner up or hire you.

Step Eight Level up your skills and training in areas you need more confidence. Valuable skills include Project and Time management, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads.

Step Nine Create a daily calendar for yourself, blocking out time and date slots during the week for you to focus on your part-time work. Turn off distractions like your cell phone in preparation when it's time for work, and put in earbuds if needed. Create a space where you're not to be disturbed. Set calendar reminders for yourself, and prepare yourself for the work to be done. Write out your list of 1 - 2 things you plan to accomplish for each session. At the end of your work session, list what you'll need to get done for next time. 

Step Ten: Find your passion and others who share it. Spend some of your time on self-care and include some time for celebrating your wins. Reward yourself for your achievements. Find people like you who are similarly focused on the same type of growth and opportunity and foster relationships with them where possible.

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